How do I level up my Hero?

Each Hero has five pieces of equipment that can be upgraded to increase their vital combat statistics.

  • Helm: Increases the rate at which health regenerates.
  • Chest: Increases the health of the Hero.
  • Weapon: Increases the damage the Hero deals to Creeps.
  • Boots: Increases the Hero’s movement speed.
  • Trinket: Decreases the cool-down of the Hero Power.

Once all five pieces of equipment have been upgraded the Hero can be levelled up for a Gold cost. This increases the stats of their Hero Power and other abilities. Levelling also allows their Equipment to be upgraded again and further increase their stats.

Each Hero has additional abilities that are unlocked at levels 3 and 6. These abilities will trigger on their own during battle. Some occur on a cool-down when targets are available, such as Eris’s ‘Mage Frost.’ Other abilities are constant effects that are always ongoing such as Stonelord’s ‘Mend.’

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